We are all warriors in this battle for Our Nation's soul, called to do what we can, we all have different skills and abilities that can be used to fight for Our Nation's Future as a FREE SOVEREIGN NATION.

We must unite and once again consider ourselves as Americans and not divided up into subgroups. We are and have always been the Great Melting Pot where we are 1 People, 1 Nation Under God.

I do not consider myself a White American just an American, not that we shouldn't be proud of our heritage in whatever race or culture we come from but that we need to be 1 UNITED PEOPLE if we are going to defeat the Evil that is within our gates.

The Socialist Demonrats, the Marxist, Communist and the Muslims that only have the destruction of Our Nation in their hearts and minds MUST be Confronted and Must be Destroyed or OUR Nation will Cease to Exist as Our Forefather's Created and Intended it to be!!