Demon's of the Left: This weeks evil three

I describe the three most wicked Dem's of the week and why they're so ghastly.

The Demonic Democrats: This week’s amazingly evil three


The Botox Angel of Delusion

Nancy Pelosi is an infamous tool of the Democrats, (perhaps just a tool period) being used to wage war against the West. Her tireless campaign of subversion has been financially funded from the taxpayers’ pockets for 22 years.

From the safety of her posh bubble, a mansion in California, she dictates policy to undermine all that our founders bled and sacrificed to protect.

Pelosi understands that by peddling a fairy-tale utopia and giving away free shit, she will secure the blind support of the credulous masses and spineless neophytes.

A few people state that Nancy began her career as a trustworthy politician, maybe she should be trying to preserve her integrity instead of her face. The botox riddled 79-year-old has been reduced to a stuttering mess and at times she’s overrun with confusion.

Her husband is worth over 100 million, between his wealth and what Nancy has extorted from the public, they are well insulated from the broken society that she legislates in support of.

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (The Devils Groupie)

Omar is a Black Muslim woman born in Somalia and currently serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, her profound hostility for America did little to dissuade Minnesota’s fifth district from electing her in 2019.

What’s worse? A volatile female that likely collected Osama Bin Laden trading cards as a little girl or a small urban American enclave named after a man that is known as “Bloody Fifth” voting her into office.

Although Omar is an avid Jew hater, 73% of which vote Democrat, she understands that nothing on the left supersedes a victimized voting class, even if it’s another one.

Pelosi has had to project a false image of herself to Americans, at least until the cement could dry. The disturbing difference with Omar was that she breezed right into Congress and people knew what she was, perhaps this is the gut-sickening cultural shift that conservatives feared.

Rashida “The Rash” Talib

She hates men and she loathes America, these two prerequisites are vital positions to possess when being inducted into the new Democrat Cabal.

Apparently, Michigans13th district was drunk when voting in this fanatic brown woman that fervently serves Allah, what else could be the reason? Maybe this, the 13th district is 100% urban and 56% black, 33% of whites are probably the dreaded “Welfare Whites”. Although, she did run unopposed in the general election.

Talib and her silly “bar wench” b.f.f., Twitter’s own A.O.C. are both Democrat socialist and despise the old white guys that created the greatest empire on Earth.

Talib has also made recent headlines by saying, “There's kind of a calming feeling I always tell folks when I think of the Holocaust,”  I guess that the Holocaust is a mighty relaxing event for some, right up there with Aromatherapy.

These are three of the Most Disgusting Demonic Democrats of the week, it’s purely a coincidence that they are all woman, two of them for sure. The three odious brown broads Cortez, Talib, and Omar, overtly repudiate American culture.

I do believe that in her own twisted way, Pelosi does love America, just not this America. Nancy’s rendering is quite different, while she enjoyed liberty, freedom and the fruits of American life the rest of us would wallow in poverty as slaves of the government, really appealing.

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