Ashwagandha - Strong As A Horse

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Ashwagandha is an herb that is in the classification of ADAPTOGEN and is also known as Indian Ginseng. It’s known for the following 5 effects. Adaptogens generally can be used for long periods of time for the following issues.
  • A boost for the immune system
  • Support for managing a healthy weight
  • Increased physical endurance and mental focus
  • Reduction in discomfort caused by poor health
  • Encouraging a balanced mood
Below are the notes and one screen shot I gathered during an on line herbology seminar called Ancient Medicines for Modern Illnesses.. I had been considering ashwagandha for myself but after hearing the experts talk about it I decided to give it a go. That was about a year ago. I had taken it for short durations previously but now understood that its benefits showed up best over time.
Since I have my own 00 capsule making machine I purchased organic sources of powered ashwagandha, bacopa and milk thistle, and mixed them to equal parts. I chose bocopa also due to the lingering weakness in my nervous system after Lyme and milk thistle for general liver support. In combination but in a separate capsule I take turmeri, one a day. I’ve been taking one or two Ashwagandha mix 00 capsules daily for almost a year now and believe that it has been greatly beneficial in overall mood, sleep and strength improvements. I’ve read reports that these herbs have a synergistic effect.
In the nightshade family but is a mild nightshade
Grows quickly in warmer climates. The roots are used.
The name means strength of a horse
It will build stamina in the nervous system
Preservation of energy
The herb is also good for creating a good gut biome
Some people just chew the raw or dried root... just a small piece
Try putting it in chai tea
It is known for normalizing mental states
Treats anxiety
Mood Stabilization
For Longevity
Helpful in recovery from stroke, MS and its fatigue, mood issues
Reduces stress
You can chew a very small piece then spit it out, root or bark.
It will take up to 15 – 30 days before an effect will be noticed. Sometimes a bit longer
It combines well with Rhodiola
In one case of MS, ashwagandha was given with Rhodiola and Okra (which is known for glutamine) and recovery was in about 6 months.