High Risks on Selling a Car without De-Registration

High Risks on Selling a Car without De-Registration

 In recent years, the procedure for selling used cars has been somewhat simplified. If earlier the seller and the buyer went together to remove the car from the register and put it on the new owner, now these requirements no longer exist.

After signing the contract of sale, the new happy owner of the vehicle gets behind the wheel and leaves with the same numbers with which the previous owner drove. Whether to remove the car from the register immediately upon completion of the transaction or to sell the car without deregistration is the seller’s decision, but in this case it must be understood that leaving everything as it is is a risk.

Is it possible to sell a car without deregistration
Selling a car without deregistration has become possible since 2013. Now the transfer of the vehicle to the new owner for use is possible according to the signed DKP, to keep the old numbers during re-registration or not - the buyer makes the decision.

Many motorists, selling from the hands of their iron horse , still care about how to remove the car from the register. This is connected with the risks that the previous registration with the new owner of the car entails, namely:

Traffic police fines;
Traffic accidents;
Car involvement in crime;
Selling a car on your behalf;
Charging you vehicle tax.

You may encounter any of these cases if you take a word for the buyer who promised that he will re-register the car in the near future. The procedure for selling a car without deregistration can lead to the fact that you will receive “letters of happiness” from your cameras at home, but you will also be charged a tax on owning a car that is actually not yours.

The worst and worst case scenario is a car participating in a crime or in a fatal accident - no matter what happens, the police will come to you, since you are listed as the owner of the car according to documents.

What to do if the buyer does not register the car for himself
If you sold the car without deregistration and eventually found that you receive fines or a transport tax has arrived, then the car is still registered with you.

The buyer, although he swore that he would register the vehicle for himself, ultimately deceived you, and either continued to drive the car himself, or even sold it further on your behalf, and someone else was breaking the rules and “supplying” you with new fines . There are several ways to get out of this unpleasant situation, and the rigidity of the decision is up to you.

Hand over the car - with a flick of the wrist you can dispose of the car that annoys you from the past. The traffic police officer, after checking the documents, will find out that the car is in the scrap. If the new owner turns out to be a decent person who simply is not aware of the situation (the reseller sold him a car), you can go to meet him and carry out the restoration procedure so that he can put it on record.
Declaring a car for hijacking is an even tougher way, but you need to understand that a person probably has a sale contract for your car in his hands, so the situation will turn out to be ambiguous. If you manage to somehow prove that the car was stolen, the police will return it to you.