Website Update: Where we go from here

So as to keep our members informed about our social network, here's where we are at the moment.

Currently we do not have an upgrade in place for membership levels. We're in the development stages. That will come later down the line.

At the moment there is no point in setting up a post booster with the small number of members we have. It would be a waste of your money until we have at least 20K members, and that will come in time.

Once we get more of the site edited and different features working the way we want them to, we will post a website launch Press Release on Conservative Firing Line, which is our parent organization. Conservative Firing Line has close to 200K subscribers. We're also counting on Bill Still of the Still Report to join with us. Bill is a longtime personal friend of mine. He has around 150K subscribers on his YouTube channel, and they are as tired of social media censorship as we are.

My friends list on Facebook before I got booted was like a "Who is Who" in conservative American politics. We hope to attract as many of them as possible to our social network. They include names like Wayne Dupree, Wild Bill for America, Pamela Geller, Tom Trento and The United West to name a few; but before we can expect their support, we will have to have the site working in its' entirety as well as it can be optimized before we do that. Once it is, it is entirely possible that our membership could reach several hundred thousand overnight. Be patient. Come grow with us!

Baby steps first.