Residual Income

Reasons Why Everyone should build an ongoing residual income.


Reasons Why Everyone should build an ongoing residual income ... just in case ...


See the excerpt below of yet one more recent example reported in the news of reasons why everyone should build ongoing residual income ... just in case of... a hurricane, a flood, a tornado, any natural disaster, happenings in Iraq or any other unstable oil-producing country, regulatory situations, changes in politics, policies, laws, regulations, technology, unusual cost increases, corporate fraud in high places, changing times, or a myriad of other reasons. The list is endless.

While nothing in life is guaranteed, it is my personal and professional opinion that for Tatyana and myself, and our family, helping people with their mandatory insurance cost is the best, most foolproof, crash-proof, disaster-proof, safest, simplest, and most rewarding thing I've ever done. It's the absolutely best career in which I have ever engaged, for a myriad of reasons. It's my best choice after 40 years in business, which includes owning companies, 30 years in the military. Iinsureme 3041 is exactly the right company, and the right product, at exactly the right time, and it's fun and simple.

All one needs to do is to quite naturally, and very simply, tell their own story to several people every day, use a resource tool or two, and say, "Why don't you try the Iinsureme 3041 and see what it does for you?" It's a very simple and most rewarding business that is working extremely well for thousands around the US and the World. Anyone who tries Iinsureme 3041 likes it and usually gets good results with lower insurance cost. The more people whom you tell about it, the more will lower their insurance cost, and the more who lower their mandatory insurance, the more will buy, and the more who buy the more people there are who will tell others... who will tell others... who will tell others... and the beat goes on, and on, and on!!  The Iinsureme 3041 story is rapidly moving all over the US, at the speed of the internet!! And you either are, or you can be, in on the beginning of it!!

It's much better in my opinion than being in on Henry T. Ford's launch of the Model T Ford automobile back in 1908. We don't have to build cars, and a network of roads, highways, interstates, gas refineries, gas stations and car repair and maintenance facilities, and thousands of parts for construction and maintenance!! Even with these huge obstacles and challenges, within 25 years, 90%  of the US adult population was driving and using automobiles,  whereas 20 years before the advent of the Henry Ford's Model T and his revolutionary Production Line, 100% of the US population had no automobiles, and either walked, or used horseback, and horse-drawn buggies and wagons for most of their transportation needs. That was a part of the Industrial Revolution which began about 1750. We are, or can and should all be, part of the huge and exploding "Iinsureme3041 Revolution."


If you want to know the multiple good reasons to become a part of "The Iinsureme3041 Revolution" Please go to" Those who sit back and "wait and see"... will see. While those who hesitate and hold back will get left behind, saying, "I could have... If only I would have..."  That's what happens to the Procrastinators of Life who wait until it's just too late. We're heading for the future, and the future is now. 

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People fall into one of three groups: (1) Those who make things happen, (2) Those who watch things happen, and (3) Those who wonder what happened."


Everyone has a Choice, and everyone does choose into which group they fall. The last two groups are the ones headed down dead end's, in a rut, on an endless treadmill, treading water until one day they can no longer walk, run, or continue treading water, and when that happens, they will quietly "sink below the waves" of the "Sea of Life," with their songs unsung, and their music unplayed. And many of those who are in the last two groups inevitably live lives of quiet desperation. This is very sad, isn't it? Especially when everyone has a choice. But you can choose, and offer a choice to others. That is really good news, isn't it? So, what will you choose? What will you do? It's totally up to you.


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Choose to be a part of "Group 1." That is my recommendation to each of you, and to everyone. Be a Line Crosser, and cross over to the other side. Make things happen!!... for yourself, and for your family, and your heirs. Say, "If it going to be, it's up to me!! ... and Indeed It Is!! It's all up to you. In the final analysis, it's all up to you!! Win, Lose or Draw... It is your Choice, and it's your Call... So Choose Well my friends ... Choose Well. Come Cross The Line, and join US!!


As Dr. Phil says: "How is what you are doing working for you?" And how long will it work? ... As long as you can tread water ... and no longer.

Now see the excerpt below of the sad plight of gas station owners all across America, and across the entire World. Just one small slice of "How it is!!" Things and times always change, creating opportunities for many, and disasters for those who do not change. There are hundreds of other examples that may be cited, but this makes the point clearly.


Yes... Everyone should build an Ongoing Residual Income ... just in case... One that grows every month, and multiplies every year, without employees, overhead, or liability!! Doing that creates real security and peace of mind for you and your family.  

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In order for things to change, you've got to change. You can make excuses, or make money, but you cannot make both.

This is intended to be a Wakeup Call to all those Americans who are in denial of these facts. It is because of this denial, and refusal to face reality, that 95% of all Americans who reach the age of 65, or should, are either dead, broke, or still working, regardless of their intelligence, education, training, or experience.   Think about that... and do something about it!!

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We...  you and I, can be real Life Enrichers. We have good gifts to offer...The Gifts of Good Auto and Home Insurance, and Prosperity. Are you going to share and tell what you know and have, and thereby Enrich The Lives of Others, or are you going to commit The Sin of the Desert, and tell no one? Life is full of Choices. As for me and my house, we have Chosen to tell everyone.

Mixed in with the dreamers and procrastinators are the hard-eyed hull thumpers, those couples who have tired of dreaming and have said to each other, "Now is the time to do something. We're not getting any younger, prices aren't getting lower, and the interest rates are probably going to stay high or get higher. Let's do it now (start living)!" These are the lucky ones. These are the people who recognize that God or Mother Nature or the Fickle Finger of Fate doesn't issue non-cancelable contracts guaranteeing a long life or everlasting health and vitality. These are the wise few who have faced up to the unpleasant truth that "someday" may never come and that the future. . .their future. . .may be distressingly and frighteningly short.

The rest of the crowd or world is made up of the dreamers who will never quite work up the courage to make the move and will spend the rest of their lives saying, "If only. . ." and, "We shoulda. . .

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