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They Stole This Man’s Daughter
In 2016, a fathers nightmare tragically blossomed into reality, after discovering his 14-year-old daughter was the victim of psychological re-wiring.

Jay Keck, whose daughter suffers from mental illness, was alarmed to discover that the youngster had fallen victim to depraved social engineering by trusted community figures.
These figures were teachers and administrators employed at the Chicago Public School in which the young child attended, they failed to contact the Keck’s when the irregularities began.

Jay’s socially stunted child was befriended by a girl she had met in school, this girl had previously proclaimed her transformation from boy to girl. Immediately following the encounter, Jay’s daughter would claim that she was a boy, held hostage by a female body.
Before long, the staff from the School which she was attending and where she ultimately came out, affirmed her transition without the Keck’s knowledge or approval.

The school had possessed complete & prior knowledge of her mental health deficiencies and still encouraged the troubled young child’s transformation into a boy.
Trusted faculty members began referring to Keck’s daughter as a boy, following the transgender pronoun protocol and going so far as to permit her access to a gender-neutral bathroom.

After becoming aware, Jay and his wife then struggled to muddle through the long days, feeling completely helpless to come to their child’s aid. The school even refused to accommodate the Keck’s preference to refer to their child as a girl.

These parents, replete with the history of their daughter’s mental health issues, were made to feel as debilitated bystanders, watching their little girl be victimized.
To account for their bizarre over-reach the school cited a law that the Obama administration had supposedly enacted, although a minimal bit of research proved that no such law existed.

Obviously, the parent’s were furious over the school's nefarious efforts to alienate them from their daughter's life. Education has taken a back seat to social justice, courtesy of progressive policies, in an effort to marginalize parents and usurp their authority.
The next stage of this unraveling nightmare begins with the school's social worker attempting to facilitate a halfway house for the girl to escape her/his parent's tyrannical grip.

A school social worker is nothing more than propaganda administer, assisting with the tedious rewiring of adolescent minds. The worker actually advised the confused girl to seek refuge in the halfway house. Halfway house: An institutional haven for sex predators and societies losers.

"Child Abuse, Neglect, and Missing Children" webpage, suggesting that school staff might be encouraged to report parents if they disagree with their child transitioning.” –

The (above) statement is reminiscent of the tactics deployed by the Nazi regime (if you acknowledge the Holocaust, that is) they would often encourage children to report their parents to the state.

Imagine the degree of frustration and utter despondency that has consumed these parents as their little girl advanced through High School. The inconsolable father, Jay Keck, is a sure as the tit’s on a monkey that once she reaches 18, his daughter will certainly patronize the cultural trash-receptacles at planned parenthood to begin taking testosterone.

They stole this man’s daughter!

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As the Worm Turns

This creep might very well slither away unharmed and recapture his post as Canada’s Prime Sodomizer.

Most of his defenders, as well as the softies on the right, will suggest to you that Trudeau can’t possibly be a racist. They will site all the “woke” trash he has previously shoveled upon the Hoser Nation.

However, just like the left in America, Trudeau’s socially woke “schtick” is bullshit, he’s a racist liar. People like the Prime Minister actually despise non-whites, they even turn their noses up to the under-class of any color.

Trudeau did this blackface well after it became a racist thing to do, he has also darkened his skin several other times on other occasions. His public apology reeked of a self-entitlement and arrogance, he knows that his devout followers are too stupid to comprehend that he is a presumptuous piece of shit.

Evil White People
It’s difficult for some self-respecting white folks who have always played by the rules and never expected any undeserved entitlements, not to resent the currant biased policies that unfairly cater to black and brown folks.

If they question this, however, they are sharply criticized and met with furious denial, even though the evidence supporting B & B (black and brown) favoritism is shamefully overwhelming. Average Americas see a rogue minority community that receives special treatment and a 20-foot head in every significant race.

It’s hardly surprising that many white Americans perceive that people of color are to blame for much of the societal rot and decay, yet still receive preferential treatment.

The white folks that have become discouraged by this and forced into a defensive posture must understand that although their concerns are valid, they are misplaced. It’s very easy to look at the B & B community and see the crime, the destruction, and even question their contribution to this country.

Urban communities have experienced decades of systematic conditioning that has mutated their natural biological reactions and rationale. Corrupt and inadequate institutions of higher learning have basically become a nanny service, paid by the state to re-wire young urban minds.

Adolescent B & B’s were once their parents only hope to correct course, but now young folks of color just decompose in a culture that doesn’t recognize wholesome values and individual exceptionalism. Instead, they develop as a fatherless society that venerates killing, disrespect, drug dealing, and illiteracy.

Why would anyone exacerbate the suicidal trajectory of the B & B population while simultaneously encouraging their dependency? Who would be so reckless?
A dangerous cabal of Evil Whites, fellow Americans that share our European heritage. They are a collection of physically feeble men and dominating women with manly features, void of empathy and Godless.

These self-consumed reprobates are unequivocally a shadow government existing within our own, manipulating legislature, Wall Street, and military coups against sovereign states. They identify as politically left, however, they rule as a fascist elite.

The left introduced their poisonous agenda through the allocation of urban ambassadors, who covertly violated poor communities under the fraudulent guise of friendly Democrat politicians. They generated vast resources to create a state of dependency and manipulation, providing young people of color with two outcomes, correctional facilities or welfare dependency.

What role do people of color play in this shocking reality?

They are just unfortunate dupes being forced to do the bidding of a greater master, the political left. Lefties serve alongside many well-intentioned do-gooders, surreptitiously promoting an agenda that is bent on sabotaging Western society, world-wide... You may still question B & B’s complicity, demanding that they take responsibility and this would be a reasonable response.

White America’s falling into structured discontinuation from a capable enemy, other white’s.

Evil White People.
On the horizon, just coming into focus, might be the storm which could wash away America’s infection from the left. Ironically, it’s the rise of the right from Europe. A movement that can give hope and a tactical response to suppress the anti-white movement.



Invasive Species

There is hardly anything that’s more calmative to a states cultural cohesiveness than the discombobulating chaos brought in by invasive species. These unwanted pests are a drain on the economy and a tremendous threat to the native inhabitants. What’s more, if these foreign invaders are not efficiently propelled back from where they came, a state is at risk of losing its identity and everything that’s unique to its existence.
Florida, for instance, is at risk of losing its identity as its inhabitance struggle under siege to survive alien invaders from the third world. These displaced animals thrive amongst the landscape of this southern state, intruding on the native population. This unwelcome foreigner strains the sunshine states fragile balance by reproducing at an alarming rate and our officials have remained somewhat silent.
Understanding that this cold-blooded creature can eviscerate an environment that’s, by centuries of organic synergy, it’s difficult to reckon as to why these invasive species have a few delusional sympathizers’.
You may recoil when I refer to some bottom-of-the-barrel Mexican as an animal, but the animal which I am referring to in the second paragraph is none other than the Burmese python.
The Burmese Python whose natural home belongs in Southeast Asia was released in the early nineties. When nerdy local rept-0-philes could no longer handle the growing behemoths they parted ways with them in the Everglades, also some pythons were sprung loose from captivity by hurricane Andrews’s decimation.
The damage caused by invasive species such as the Burmese Python, the Snake Fish, the Lion Fish, and others is irreversible, native wildlife has zero evolutional answers to the voracious appetite and prey drive of these unwanted guests. Florida has lost a host of indigenous wildlife in the Everglades that may never return.
The serious calamity that American ecosystems have been forced to contend with, is not too dissimilar from the humanitarian crisis that’s slowly consuming the American public by foreign entities.
Ironically enough, it’s the poorer urban area’s that feel the most potent sting from illegal transgressors encroaching on U.S. sovereignty. The jobs that are poached by these quasi-Spaniards are a small consequence of the epidemic, their drain on an already taxed welfare state and benefits is directly impacting the legitimately lower class citizen.
It has become illegal to house or import Burmese Pythons in Florida as they feverishly attempt to reduce the numbers and limit the damage caused by the invasive reptile. It seems more prudent to reduce the invader’s numbers and restrict its importation than to expect the native wildlife to welcome its own demise. These new laws don’t devalue the python’s worth as an animal or deter its right to exist. The integrity of communities whether animal or man must be respected and valued without fear of intrusion. visit my site to see some other post if you like this stuff or you want to find out other blockbuster issues! Support a conservative and visit please leave a suggestion

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Bill Clinton: American Psychopath

William Jefferson Blythe 3rd aka William Jefferson Clinton was born in 1946, he would obtain many impressive accomplishments throughout his storied life. Perhaps most substantial was serving as Arkansas Governor and 42nd President of the United States.

Many American’s fail to entertain or recognize that such an accomplished man could actually be even more of an accomplished criminal. There is irrefutable evidence and an encyclopedia of disturbing accusations that have attached themselves to Clinton, yet a copious amount of Americans still find an evil version of Clinton to be inconceivable.

Applying a moderate amount of research into this aging baby boomer will reveal a pernicious and formidable predator that has wielded his authority to ruin and complete many lives.

An adept and professional deviant who makes chumps that commit manslaughter or rape look like complete amateurs, however, Bill could not have ascended to such lofty heights without his co-conspirator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Ghastly images of the pair’s college years together are captured on grainy film, revealing a nerdy lesbo with wiry chestnut brown hair and giant round spectacles alongside a baby faced Bill Clinton.

These formative years were vital for maintaining a well-oiled mechanism which could propel the team’s tenacious machine to the top. Bill’s Achilles heel was his addiction to skirt-chasing, but as long as he left some for Hillary, all was copasetic.

Any relationship built on love would be too volatile to succeed in the cold & ruthless world that the Clintons thirsted to dominate, conveniently for them theirs was built on a mutual taste for chewing up the weak.

(Below) The cocaine cowboy of Arkansas

Abuses of power, although severe and abundant, wouldn’t be the only treacherous imputation to accompany the Clinton crime machine from Arkansas to Pennsylvania Ave; they were steadily shadowed by the now-infamous “Clinton body count”.

In 1995 President Clinton was having sex with his 22-year-old intern Monica Lewinski. In a stunning anomaly, it wasn’t necessary to violently rape her or to ply her with candy; she was just a chunky whore with a fetish for people in power.

However, like a festering wound, the affair could not go unnoticed, in January of 1998 American citizens would hear the now-iconic phrase “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky".

The most unnerving aspect in this political soap drama wasn’t that a sitting President had reduced himself to the temptations of a mortal man, in fact, it was the sincere stare of a man conjuring up his most authentic visage of sincerity and it was a flat out lie.

Clinton pulled out the old shake my finger and throws a serious squint, routine.

Immediately following this story is a video that shines a light on many of Clinton’s malevolent performances, perhaps the most depraved is Bill’s involvement in human trafficking and pedophilia.

The circus surrounding the demented Jewish baby raper, Jeffery Epstein, has illuminated more of Clinton’s vile transgressions. It is a recorded fact that Bill accompanied Epstein at least 26 times on the private pedophile jet. It is verified that several of those trips included underage minors. How many of these children were physically forced to perform sexual acts on that plane?

Clinton’s friend Epstein strong-armed many underage children from broken homes and failing countries, he then passed them around to have sex with many powerful dirty old reprobates, like Alan Dershowitz and Bill Clinton.

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